This year, the game Awards Ubisoft announced another series of first-person shooters in the open world. Far Cry: New Dawn will not take players to a completely new place of action, as was the case, by the way, the Prime Minister of the previous parts. The developers decided to create a direct continuation of the last part, so in the new episode we will visit the famous places of the game Far Cry 5.

Far Cry New Dawn – what locations look like?

A second visit to Montana, this time in its post-apocalyptic version, prompted one of YouTube users to create a video compared locations from the game Far Cry 5 and Far Cry: New Dawn. Cycu1 (the name of the channel we can probably consider as a pseudonym, especially because the channel is from Poland) mapped to each other two fragments of each of the games that were played in the same places. The first is a motorcycle and Quad bike ride to one of the bridges, the second is a walk in the vicinity of the Church. All you can see below.

Easily and wooded landscapes, famous of five had replaced the sand of the road, out of which some places make the bright flowers. Signs and other roadside “entertainment” are overgrown with vegetation. Like the Church, which in the previous issue was in relatively good condition. In Far Cry: New Dawn is definitely more like a wildlife Museum. Let’s see if this Ubisoft rework comes out forever, because we can assume that wishing to stretch the laziness of the creators probably won’t end. The premiere of Far Cry: New Dawn is scheduled for February 15, 2019. The name will appear on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.