Kyrat. Country in the Himalayas ruled by a king of Pagan Mina, another “Mitty” with ubisoftowej a gallery of antagonists. In a country ruled by a military commander with a hard hand, where terror reigns at every step, not all have laid down their arms. The resistance puts the organization on the Golden Path. However, there is no consensus. Revolt harm can conflict among its leaders, one of whom wants to return people to their former tradition and faith, while the second does not hesitate to trade drugs to liberate their country and introduce to it more liberal rules of coexistence.

Full Game Far Cry 4 – Review Game

The last sentence does not fully reflect the actual state of things, but it is not distorted. Not often begins a review of the game from the fact that you can go through it in a few minutes, will remain in the right close relationship with arcyƂotrem. Despite, however, this little joke is prepared by the developers, so really Kyrat explore we will be dictated by the Golden Way. The missions we will complete for the organization are different, however, depending on our support for one of the leaders. Their goals will be the opposite, and the candidate supported by us will be the leader of the whole organization for some time. This does not mean that the game can be played twice in different ways, because there are only a few such alternative missions, however, it introduces some freshness. In case we sometimes after the first few hours of the game did not notice that our name has changed number. The latest version of the game is much better, you can download it on this page.

The biggest advantage of Far Cry 4 and at the same time its biggest drawback is that almost all of the character development, the mechanisms governing the open world, and even some characters, in principle, from the predecessor. In the latter case, even literally, because we will meet again, among other things, agent Willis or Hurak. Someone malicious might even say it’s Far Cry 3.5, but by taking this point of view, we can easily get into the naming scheme in a similar way in any sequel that the creators won’t abandon previous ideas. And if something worked well, why change it?

Full Game Far Cry 4

Far Cry 4 is just more refined, more interesting and better zdynamizowany than the third part. What is the merit of a little more diverse appearance of the world, a few small patents that facilitate the gameplay and new modes of transport. And, of course, a graphic lamp that may not throw on your knees, but shows that we are dealing with some progress in the use of the Dunia engine.