Ubisoft Entertainment SA (mainly Ubi Soft Entertainment Software) is an existing continuously since 1986 by the French company, which is one of the oldest and largest manufacturers and publishers of computer games on personal computers, consoles and mobile devices. The company is headquartered in Rennes, France, although Ubisoft also has branches in about 20 countries, occupying a total of more than 10 thousand people; some of them are fully in the group extremely important role, and has a great independence. The company is also the owner of many local distribution companies (e.g., Ubisoft Poland) and for several years participates in the koprodukcje films based on the most famous brands of the company. Ubisoft President almost from the beginning-Eve Gillemot – one of the five brothers who co-founded the company.

Producer of Far Cry

Producer of Far Cry is good solution

Ubisoft Inc. leads the activities of the developer through a very numerous, scattered almost worldwide development Studio, defined as a whole called Ubisoft Studios. Most of the studies working within the group are groups created by the concern itself, but the Ubisoft stable also lacks teams that function initially as independent studies and then bought out by the French giant, Far Cry 5 PC Download.

In the Ubisoft group branch hierarchy, you can identify both leading and smaller studies that perform only a supporting role. Simultaneously, the game with the largest budget, which still views the Studio’s major brands (Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry or productions center the name of the famous writer Tom Clancy), are created usually in collaboration with several studios, each of which is responsible for other aspects of the game (such as stitching, mechanics, game modes). Currently, the Ubisoft group includes the following developments (listed in alphabetical order):